Out-of-Band Rescue™

WTI Out-of-Band Rescue™ solutions provide secure management of remote network infrastructure in order to reach unresponsive devices and restore connectivity. When your network is down due to failed routers, switches or firewalls, you no longer have to spend your valuable time and budget rushing to deploy truck rolls and site visits to revive services.

When Your Network is Down...

SSH to Switches, Routers & Firewalls

Securely access multiple console / maintenance ports on all your remote network infrastructure. Initiate secure console sessions using the latest security and authentication protocols to troubleshoot and restore unresponsive equipment.

SSH and Control / Monitor Power

A complete Out-of-Band rescue solution, the RSM-R series combines everything needed for local and remote branch office management. This hybrid solution combines our state of the art console server solution with our network grade PDU to give secure shell access and complete power control to network gear in a single unit.

Provide Secure, Anywhere, Anytime Access

When users need services restored and the primary network is down, WTI Out-of-Band Rescue provides Ethernet or dial-up / cellular / satellite modem connections with secure HTTPS / SSL / TLS protocol and LDAP / RADIUS / TACACS authentication.


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The Out-of-Band Rescue™ Difference

Out-of-Band Rescue™ 3rd Gen Processor Engine

All WTI OOB Rescue™ products are built with our updated 3rd generation processor engine for lightning fast response time during your most critical network emergencies.

Out-of-Band Rescue™ Security

In addition, each OOB Rescue™ product supports the latest security protocols and encryption ciphers to keep sessions secure and compliance up-to-date.