Our History

WTI was founded in Arcadia, CA on the vision that data would be transmitted over phone lines so businesses could share files and information. One of our first products was a digital keyer to allow a teletype machine to transmit over a modem.
Won IBM contract to design and build a four-channel coms device for the 1130 Computing System. The WTI TM150 would transmit data to the IBM 1130 from remote input/output terminals, allowing businesses to share a single computer between employees.
Contracted by the FBI to streamline communications between field agents. WTI developed a device that would read a magnetic card from IBM Selectric typewriters, translate it to teletype code and make punched tape used to send encrypted messages.
Developed one of the first console servers to allow remote access to multiple RS-232 devices, paving the way for the remote out-of-band management market.
Pioneered the printer sharing market by making high-end laser printers and plotters cost effective. SMB’s would use WTI solutions for multiple-emulation printer sharing, allowing entire organizations to maximize the capability of expensive printers.
Established ourselves as leaders in the PBX data storage and forward market with the release of the PollCat product line. Thousands of businesses worldwide utilized WTI to mitigate toll fraud on their corporate phone lines.
Lead the introduction of remote power control and reboot into the out-of-band management market through a series of network enabled PDU’s. These were some of the worlds first power switches accessible and controlled using TCP/IP.
Assists SpaceX with the Falcon 9 rocket landings, helping to control mission critical infrastructure on the autonomous spaceport drone ships.
Introduced the worlds first PDU to deliver remote power management with an AC powered control relay switch over internal 4G LTE.
Integrated Out-of-Band Management and Power Management solutions into the worlds most advanced network automation and telemetric data applications utilizing DevOps.