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Note: Prior to installing WTI Software/Firmware Updates, please access the command mode on your WTI device and use the /J* command to determine the software and processor version of your WTI device. Refer to the table below and make certain that the software update you have downloaded is compatible with your existing software and processor version. Installing a software update that is not intended for your specific software and processor version will produce unpredictable results.

Most Recent Software Updates + Product Category

Release Notes

Console Products: DSM, CPM, REM - For Software v6.23 and Later - ARM Processor
[Software v8.03 - Released 11/6/2023]

[v8.03 Notes]

Power Products: VMR, NBB, NPS, RPC - For Softwarev2.00 and Later - ARM Processor    
[Software v4.01 - Released 9/15/2023]

[v4.01 Notes]

NetReach Centralized Management
Compatible with (CPM/DSM/REM) v7.05 & later, (NBB/NPS/RPC/VMR) v3.03 & later    
For Windows 10 and MacOS Sierra 10.12 & later
[NetReach Software v1.0.3 for Windows - Released 9/7/2023]
[NetReach Software v1.0.3 for Mac - Released 9/7/2023]

Data Fallback Products: AFS Series - For Software v3.01 and Later - ARM Processor
[Software v3.01 - Released 8/30/2021]

[v3.01 Notes]

Previous Software Updates + Product Category

Release Notes

Console Products: TSM, RSM - PPC3 Processor
Software v6.41 - Released 3/14/2017 [Please Contact WTI Tech Support]

Power Products: VMR, NBB, NPS, RPC, CCM - For Software v1.66 and Earlier - PPC3 Processor
Software v1.66 - Released 2/13/2017 [Please Contact WTI Tech Support]

All Other Legacy Software: [Please Contact WTI Tech Support]

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"Best part is it just works out of the box. The serial ports work great with the Cisco gear with no config changes from the factory default."

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