Manuals & Documentation

Manuals & Documentation

Out-of-Band Management Products

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Manuals / MIB Files / Regulatory & Compliance / Security

User's Guides / Manuals

Remote Edge Managers

REM Series - REM Series Quick Start Guide / REM Series User's Guide / REM Series Hardware Guide

Cellular Modem - SetUp Guide



Remote Console Servers

DSM Series - DSM Series Quick Start Guide / DSM Series User's Guide / DSM Series Hardware Guide

W4G Cellular Modem Option - SetUp Guide



Serial Console Server + Power Control Hybrid Products

CPM Series - CPM Series Quick Start Guide / CPM Series User's Guide / CPM Series Hardware Guide
W4G Cellular Modem Option - SetUp Guide



Rack Mount Modems

RMM-56K Rack Mount Modems - RMM Quick Start Guide

MT5634/MT9234 Internal Modem - AT Command Reference Guide



Automatic Transfer Switches

PTS Series - PTS Quick Start Guide



A/B Fallback Switches

AFS-16-1 RJ45 Data Fallback Switch - AFS-16-1 Quick Start Guide / AFS-16-1 User's Guide / AFS-16-1 Hardware Guide



Other Technical Publications

Other Technical Publications

Importing WTI PDU MIB Pollers into Solarwinds Orion NPM - White Paper

MT5634/MT9234 Internal Modem - AT Command Reference Guide

Detachable Power Cables - Reference Guide

WTI Console Products - Standard Pinned & Straight Pinned - Connection Guide

Vertical Mount Power Devices - Rack Mounting Options

Five Year Warranty - Information

WMU Enterprise Management Software - User's Guide

NetReach™ Centralized Management - Datasheet



MIB Files

DSM, CPM, REM and SRM Series Console Products - MIB Files

VMR, NPS, RPC and NBB Series Power Products - MIB Files

AFS Series - MIB Files



Regulatory and Compliance Information

Conflict Minerals - Compliance Statement

REACH - Compliance Statement

Regulatory Agencies - Compliance Statements

RoHS - Compliance Statement

TAA - Compliance Statement

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) - Compliance Statement



Security and Authentication

RSA SecurID Access - Implementation Guide

LDAP - Encryption & Certificate Options

LDAP - Set Up Notes

RADIUS - Dictionary



Legacy Products

If you need manuals and documentation for discontinued WTI Products, please contact WTI.