WTI DevOps

WTI DevOps

Automate Out-of-Band & IoT Network Infrastructure

Configure, deploy & orchestrate WTI devices across your network for automated provisioning, monitoring and disaster recovery of IT infrastructure.


Learn more about our RESTful API and how it can help automate your Out-of-Band console management and power management strategies.

Ansible Modules & Plugins

WTI has a growing number of remote infrastructure management modules and plugins available as a WTI collection in the Ansible Galaxy site. Bring OOB Automation to your network with WTI in the latest release of Ansible!

Python Scripting

Automate power management of your network infrastructure using python. Get started with Python scripts to control WTI products.

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"Best part is it just works out of the box. The serial ports work great with the Cisco gear with no config changes from the factory default."

Jack Kinney — Lincare Network Operations