Branch Office Management

Restore Network Services...

From Anywhere!

Manage Remote Infrastructure & Services Even When The Network Is Down!

CPM-800 Series Console Server + Power Hybrid

The CPM-800 delivers remote power reboot and remote console access to branch offices

Connect via out-of-band Ethernet, cellular 4G LTE or dial-up

Control power and perform hard reboots on devices

SSH to console ports on switches, routers and wireless controllers

Remote Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Solution for Branch Offices

Don't drive hours to troubleshoot or provision new equipment at branch offices. Our remote out-of-band console server and PDU combos can give you access to console ports on branch office devices as well as full power control. We support connectivity via primary and secondary Ethernet, cellular 4G LTE or v.92 dial-up modem to give you in-band and out-of-band access when you need it most.

  • Establish Secure Out-of-Band Connections to Remote Sites
  • Remotely Monitor & Control Power to Mission Critical Infrastructure
  • Reconfigure Routers/Switches/Firewalls with Remote Console Connections
CPM-800 Series
CPM-800 Series
Console + Power Hybrid with W4G LTE Cellular Option
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DSM-8 Series
DSM-8 Series
Serial Console Server with W4G LTE Cellular Option
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Remote Setup & Provisioning

Dont' relly on having Need to plug in to the console port of that firewall and update DNS settings? But it's 200 miles away? With a CPM installed at your remote sites you can easily SSH over ethernet and/or cellular and access console ports of all your devices. Quickly and easily access the CLI so you can configure all your gear... even when the network is down!

  • Establish multiple sessions on all your devices
  • Allow unique console settings per port
  • Log and view console session data locally and via Syslog

Cellular Remote Power Reboot

What do you do when a router locks up at a branch office and you need to give it a hard reboot? Call someone onsite and ask them to guess what to unplug? Nobody has time for that! With a CPM installed at each remote site you can reboot routers over a secure cellular connection. When your router is unresponsive... you can quickly and easily connect over secondary ethernet and/or cellular to give that router a hard power reboot and then console in to watch the boot sequence.

  • Meter power on individual devices
  • Get alerts when voltage is lost or the network is down
  • Reboot individual devices or groups