CEO Site Tours - Monster 48VDC Power Controller

Juniper Networks is a long-time WTI customer, who have used our 48VDC console servers and 48VDC power control units as a part of their lab operations units for at least eight years now.

One of Juniper's most interesting applications for WTI products involves a huge, 48VDC power controller unit. Juniper was testing a very large Telco network element (under full load,) which incorporated three individual power supplies, each rated at over 30-Amps at 48VDC. Although WTI does manufacture several units which allow remote switching of -48VDC loads, none of our units had enough capacity to support Juniper's requirements for 30 Amp, 48VDC power control.

In order to deal with this situation, Juniper's engineers created their own "contactor box," which consisted of three, individual, automotive-industry-grade contactors, housed in a 2U rack mounted chassis. Next, the engineers connected a WTI single-U power controller, which supplied a "tickler" voltage to the contactor box. Using this combination of in-house engineering and WTI product, the engineers were able to control multiple high-amp contactors located throughout their lab.

Recently, I had the opportunity to witness this solution in action when I visited Juniper's lab located outside of Boston. Overall, I must say that the in-house engineering team at Juniper who created this solution were extremely safety minded. Although the combination of these two boxes is not exactly what you'd call "visually attractive," the design is definitely rock-solid and has been working for several years now.

Monster 48VDC Power Controller

During my visit to the lab, my hosts were nice enough to provide me with a live demonstration of their application, and even though it was plainly obvious that the device was extremely safe and well designed, I still instinctively stepped back a few feet when they threw the huge DC contactors under load.

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