WTI console server and power control products now offer RESTful API support. WTI’s RESTful API can be employed by DevOps engineers and system administrators to manage and monitor our console servers and power control products. Documentation for WTI’s RESTful API is available in both HTML and RAML format via the links below:

Our growing GitHub repository with WTI RESTful examples in Python is available to try at https://github.com/wtinetworkgear or if you want to get your feet wet from the command line you can go over to http://wtiknows.com/2018/02/14/restful-api-introduction/ that gives a quick introduction of accessing WTI units via RESTful with wget commands.

The table below lists firmware versions for WTI products that support RESTful API:

Model Numbers Firmware Version
Console Products: DSM, CPM and SRM Series 6.51 and Above
Power Products: VMR, NPS, NBB and RPC Series 2.11 and Above
AFS and PTS Series Not currently supported