Manage Your Network...From Anywhere!

Western Telematic, Inc. designs and manufactures quality products to help network administrators manage complex server environments from any location.

Remote Console Servers

Provide in-band and/or out-of-band access to multiple RS-232 console and maintenance ports on UNIX servers, routers, DSLAMs, telco craft ports and other network equipment with a single IP.

Remote Power Switches

Remote reboot and switch power on network equipment at local or remote locations via IP, SNMP, Web Interface, Telnet, Modem or Local Terminal.

NetReach Products

Rack Mount Switched PDUs

Meter, report and control current, power and energy consumption within your data center while providing network-grade power distribution to rack mount equipment.

Automatic Transfer Switches

A reliable, economical way to providing single-power-inlet network devices with power fallback/redundancy capabilities. Ideal for mission critical applications that include single-inlet devices, yet still require a workable power redundancy strategy.

A/B Fallback Switches

Re-route data signals to back-up lines when communication is lost or undesirable changes in line status are detected.

Console Cables and Adapters

Serial console cables and adapters, designed to simplify the process of connecting network devices, laptops and WTI products.

Rack Mount Modems

Add reliable and secure dial-up access to rack mounted components such as DSLAM Consoles, Router Consoles and UNIX Consoles.