transportation console server solution

Airline Deploys WTI Console Servers in Enterprise Solution


A large airline has operations hosted at data centers across the county that manage hundreds of servers, routers, switches and storage devices. Equipment uptime and real-time alarm data is a critical part of daily operations of the airline. When the time came to perform a major network equipment upgrade, the airline looked for a new remote console management solution provider who could offer the best of breed technology and also meet their stringent MTBF requirements.

A requirement of the console management vendor would be to fulfill several key functions; include free management software for a large deployed base & offer free technical support and a long-term warranty included in the price. From a hardware standpoint the console server must also provide the highest level of access security and logging with alarm conditions being sent via email and SNMP to their IP monitoring software.


The airline tested and approved the WTI DSM-40-E console server. The DSM-40-E provided network engineers and the NOC team with secure and user friendly access to any network element with a serial port, even when the console server is unavailable through the network. The unit was tested at the airline headquarters where the console server was installed and training took place on the same day. The unit provided:

  • Both in and out of band access using Ethernet access and dial up modem (POTS Line) capabilities
  • Increased security of communications to network elements by authenticating, logging user access and automatically generating audit logs and alarms
  • Included free WMU Enterprise Software using a web interface that provided single point of access to all deployed WTI network elements
  • 5 year warranty has lower cost of ownership than competitive console servers & other out of band solutions
  • Allow users to have simultaneous access via Ethernet and administrator “View Port” rights on all connected console ports

Secure Out-of-Band Console Server


The airline felt the DSM-40-E console server met and exceeded their expectations. Not only did WTI have the highest level of expertise, but also provided a five year warranty and free management software at no additional cost to the airline. WTI proved to be the best solution for the airlines data center needs.