Out-of-Band Rescue for Cisco Infrastructure

Out-of-Band Rescue for Cisco Infrastructure

When the network goes down...

Revive Switches, Routers & Firewalls

Out-of-Band SSH - Quickly access multiple console and maintenance ports on all your remote network infrastructure. Easily initiate out-of-band console sessions using the latest security and authentication protocols to troubleshoot and restore unresponsive equipment.

Out-of-Band Reboot - A complete Out-of-Band Rescue™ solution, the CPM series combines everything needed for true branch office management. This hybrid combines our advanced console server solution with our network grade PDU into a single unit to give out-of-band secure shell access and power control to mission-critical network gear.

See Our New Out-of-Band Rescue™ Solution with 4G LTE Cellular!

WTI’s CPM Series combine secure console management with remote power control and automatic power transfer switch redundancy to give system administrators a single network saving tool.

  • Reboot unresponsive routers, then console in to watch the boot sequence
  • Automatically ping connected devices and send alarms, traps or reboot when they fail
  • Provide backup power redundancy to single cord devices
  • Includes enterprise management software for global deployments
Remote Console Server + PDU + ATS in the Branch Office

Remote Console Server + PDU + ATS in the Branch Office


Designed & Manufactured in USA!

Power Control & Management:

  • Dual or Quad 20 Amp Fallback Power Supplies
  • Optional Asynchronous Automatic Transfer Switching (ATS)
  • On/Off/Reboot/Default/Load Shed Switching
  • Outlet Sequencing & Power Up Delays
  • Scheduled Outlet Switching/Reboot
  • Ping Watchdog with Auto Reboot
  • (8) or (16) Switchable NEMA 5-15R or IEC C13 Outlets
  • 100-125V and 240V AC Models

Serial Console Port Management:

  • (8) or (16) RS232 RJ45 Serial Ports
  • SSH/Telnet/Raw-Socket TCP Connection
  • Break Command Blocking
  • Reverse/Outbound SSH
  • Non-Connect Port Buffering


  • In-Band (Dual 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet Ports)
  • Optional Dual Ethernet Ports with Fallback Capabilities
  • Out-of-Band (Optional Internal Dial-Up Modem or 4G LTE Cellular)
  • Local Access (RJ45 and USBmini SetUp Ports)
  • Multi-Level Subscriber Directory with Outlet-Specific Password Protection
  • Supports Both IPv4 and IPv6

Security & Authentication:

  • HTTPS, SSHv2, SNMPv3
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) v1.2
  • IPSec / OpenVPN
  • IPtables
  • Two-Factor Authentication: RSA® Ready
  • AAA: LDAP / Active Directory / Kerberos / RADIUS / TACACS+
  • Embedded validated FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Module
  • Port & Plug Specific Password Protection
  • Invalid Access Lockout & Alarm


  • Over-Temperature Alarms
  • Lost Communication Alarm
  • Ping-No-Answer Alarm (Failed Ping Command)
  • Invalid Access Lockout and Alarm (IP Filtering)
  • Power Cycle Alarm and Lost Voltage Alarm
  • Buffer Threshold Alarm, Time Stamp Port Buffering
  • No Dialtone Alarm
  • Alarm Notification via Email, SNMP, SYSLOG
  • Event and Status Logging Capabilities

Unit Management:

OOB Centralized Management...Even Over 4G LTE WAN!

Our WMU software provides fast and easy management of all WTI devices on your LAN/WAN via a single, centralized control interface … even over cellular WAN. You can connect directly to power control features and console CLI of your critical infrastructure over 4G LTE without logging directly into third-party cellular modems/routers.

  • Fast, Easy SSH and Dial-Up Connection to Remote Network Equipment
  • Launch Web & SSH Sessions via LAN/WAN, Dial-Up or 4G LTE Cellular with a Single Click!
  • Quickly Reboot Routers And Other Network Gear
  • Access Console Port Functions on Remote Devices
  • Update and Manage Usernames and Passwords
  • Manage Firmware Updates for Multiple WTI Devices
  • Create Device Groups and Outlet Groups
  • Identify & Manage Outlet Groups, Device Groups, Individual Units & Ports