Lab & Data Center

Lab & Data Center

Test Lab Applications

Our VMR series Power Reboot Switches are ideal for test labs that need remote, automated or code-driven power control. If your application requires secure, remote access to command and status functions on test devices, our DSM series Console Servers provide an ideal solution.

Data Center Applications

In addition to providing secure, remote power and reboot control for distant data center installations, WTI VMR series metered, switched PDUs also include power and temperature metering capabilities. For applications that require secure access to serial console ports on network devices, our DSM serial console servers include a formidable array of security and authentication features to ensure that access to your critical network elements remains secure. Both our power switching products and console servers also include a robust selection of environmental alarms to automatically notify you when critical events are detected at your equipment rack.

  • Meter Power Consumption by an Individual Outlet or an Entire Power Branch
  • Environmental Alarms with Alarm Notification via Email, Text Message, SNMP or Syslog
  • Multi-Level User Directory
  • Reduce Downtime; Minimize Service Calls
  • SNMP Based Control and Monitoring
  • TACACS+, LDAP, Kerberos, and RADIUS, Plus SSHv2 Encryption and HTTPS / SSL / TLS┬áSecure Web
  • WTI Console Servers and Power Reboot Switches Include Enterprise Management Software