An Automatic Power Transfer Solution for DC Power Redundancy

An Automatic Power Transfer Solution for DC Power Redundancy Applications

A reliable DC power fallback solution is a vital component of any application that includes DC powered mission critical devices. DC powered environments are common in many applications that involve electronic devices in extremely remote locations; this is especially true in the maritime industry, where the crews of large ships constant rely on DC to power devices such as RF radio controllers, asset tracking systems, alarm systems and other DC powered devices. Although rack mount automatic power transfer devices are common in the AC powered world, solutions for DC power redundancy are often a bit harder to find. Fortunately, WTI’s RPC-4850 DC Powered ATS can provide both DC power transfer capabilities and remote DC power control functions in one convenient package.

An Automatic Power Transfer Solution for DC Power Redundancy Applications

In large ships such as cargo vessels and bulk carriers, it’s common to find a variety of single inlet, DC powered devices that are used to control radio communication, track inventory, provide shipboard communication and monitor conditions on helidecks. In shipboard applications, it’s vital that these devices are continuously up and running and that down-time is kept to an absolute minimum. For this reason, a reliable DC power transfer system is critical in ensuring that DC power is constantly available to these crucial devices, ensuring that the services that they provide are always available when they’re needed the most. When primary power to DC devices such as RF radio controllers, helideck monitoring systems, asset tracking equipment, PA systems, crew entertainment systems and alarm and monitoring equipment is interrupted, automatic power transfer capabilities ensure that power is immediately drawn from a secondary power supply, without disrupting user access to vital services.

The RPC-4850 DC Powered ATS is a reliable, versatile solution for power redundancy for single inlet DC powered devices in a number of different applications. When safety and continuity issues demand a DC power redundancy strategy, the RPC-4850 eliminates the need to replace existing single inlet DC powered devices with new dual inlet DC powered devices, saving both time and money. Up to eight single inlet, DC powered devices can be connected to the RPC-4850 which typically draws power from a primary power supply such as a UPS as well as a secondary power supply such as a battery or generator. If either of these power supplies fails or becomes unavailable, the RPC will immediately draw power from the other source. This minimizes downtime for critical DC powered devices and improves user access to the crucial services provided by those devices.

power fallback and redundancy for DC powered applications

In addition serving as a solution for DC power redundancy, the RPC-4850 DC Powered ATS also provides many other valuable capabilities that help to simplify the task of managing DC devices. The RPC’s remote reboot and power switching features enable network administrators and other managers to easily reboot or power On/Off DC devices at remote locations. Reboot cycles and power switching operations can be executed by a remote administrator via Ethernet or via LAN. In shipboard applications, this allows bridge personnel to reboot or power On/Off devices spread throughout a large vessel without leaving the bridge.

The RPC-4850 also includes monitoring and alarm features that help to keep track of conditions in remote equipment enclosures. When unacceptable temperature levels, unresponsive devices, power supply irregularities and excessive invalid access attempts are detected, the RPC can provide immediate notification via email, text message or SNMP trap. This allows a more proactive approach to equipment management, by enabling administrators to investigate potential problems before conditions deteriorate to a point where users start to complain.

In order to protect sensitive command functions from unauthorized access, the RPC-4850 also includes a formidable array of security and authentication features. In addition to basic security features such as a multi-level subscriber directory with circuit specific password protection, the RPC also supports advanced security functions such as HTTPS/SSL secure web, IP Address filtering and SSHv2 encryption. Support for popular authentication protocols such as LDAP, Kerberos, RADIUS and TACACS+ helps to ensure that only authorized users are allowed to access control and configuration functions.

Managing Multiple RPC-4850 Units Using the Enterprise Management Software

In large scale network applications, administrators are regularly faced with the task of communicating with dozens of identical units, spread throughout a far-flung network. Issuing power switching commands, updating firmware or changing a user password are relatively simple propositions when only a few devices are concerned, but in a network that includes dozens or hundreds of identical units, even these simple tasks can quickly grow into monumental challenges.

Automatic Power Transfer Solution for DC Power Redundancy Applications with Enterprise Management Software

WTI’s WMU management utility helps to streamline routine maintenance tasks by providing a single interface that administrators can employ to manage all WTI devices within a network application. Rather than tediously accessing each individual unit within the network, the WMU enables administrators to control power switching and other command functions at multiple units from a single, centralized interface.

The WMU allows administrators to identify each RPC-4850 unit on the network, organize units into groups based on location or functionality and execute power switching and reboot commands at individual or multiple RPC-4850 units. In addition to providing a single interface to control multiple remote power switching units, the WMU also enables administrators to perform firmware updates and manage passwords for multiple or individual WTI RPC-4850 series units.

The RPC-4850 is an ideal power redundancy solution for single inlet DC powered devices found in maritime applications, oil drilling platforms, cell towers, the mining industry, wind farms and any other application that relies on DC power. In addition to providing automatic power transfer and power fallback capabilities, the RPC-4850 also includes power management functions that allow remote administrators to easily control power reboots and switching functions in distant equipment enclosures, plus state-of-the art security and authentication functions to prevent access by unauthorized users.