WMU Authentic Code Signing

Authentic WMU Download Verification

When you download programs from the internet you want to make sure that they are legitimate.

In this day and age, it gets harder and more difficult to separate the authenticate programs from the un-trusted one.

To make sure you have piece of mind when downloading executable programs from WTI, we code sign all of our program with certificates from Thawte Certification Authority.

For example, when you download the WTI Management Utility (WMU) from the internet and attempt to run it, Windows will display a User Account Control dialog box, asking if you want this program to make changes to your Windows device.

In this dialog box you should see the text:

Verified Publisher: Western Telematic Inc.

If you select the link "Show more Details" or "Show information about the Publisher's certificate", this will bring you the actual certificate that was issued, it will read something like:

Issued to: Western Telematic Inc. 

Issued by: thawte SHA256 Code Signed CA

valid from (some valid date as of the time of this reading)

If the certificate looks good, then you can rest assure that the program you download is an official WTI program.