Using SNMP to identify a WTI device

I'm looking for something contained in the OIDs that will allow me to identify a device as a WTI device.

With other devices, I've used either the sysObjectID or sysDescr to uniquely identify the OS of a device.

In the OID below the manufacturer ID is assigned to WTI:


The value 2634 identifies the manufacturer as WTI.

After the Manufacturer ID number comes some other bits of information to help further identify the WTI device

After "2634" comes the Unit Type Identifier '1' is a Console Device, '3' is a Power Device

Then comes the Port Count

Then finally the last number will be the number of Power Outlets

This snmpget command :

snmpget -v2c -c public

will return the following OID string for a sample WTI device:

iso. = OID: iso.

The unit is identified as a WTI Console device with 16 serial ports and 8 power outlet plugs.