USB Host

Article below describes how to use the USB A interface to talk to attached devices.

*Does not apply to the USB setup port (mini usb)

Connecting to a USB Console Port: If your WTI Device includes USB Console ports, issue the /C command as follows to connect to USB format console ports.

  1. To connect your resident port to USB port 1, type /C U1 [Enter].

  2. To connect your resident port to USB port 2, type /C U2 [Enter].

  3. Note: While you’re connected to USB port 1, the REM will not recognize commands issued at your resident port, with the exception of the Resident Disconnect Sequence.

  4. If you’ve connected a 4-Port USB Hub to the USB Console Port(s) on your WTI Device, type /C ux.y and press [Enter]. Where x is the USB Port number, and y is the number of desired USB port on the Hub. For example, to connect to the first port on a USB Hub installed at USB Port U2, type /C U2.1 [Enter].

  5. To disconnect, issue the Resident Disconnect Sequence (Logoff Sequence); type ^X (press [Ctrl] and [X] at the same time).