Basic Info For Setting Up the Cell Interface

Just some basics for getting the cell up and running:

    • An IOT/M2M data plan is required
    • A static IP is recommend but not required
    • Note* A Dynamic IP plan will require a DDNS provider

    • The carrier will provide you with the APN required to establish an active PPP session
  • SIM card  form factor 2FF
  • Mobile terminated data
  • SSH port 22 and HTTPS port 443 should be open

Enter your APN via the “/cell” command

  • If you will be using more than one network interface a static route will be required.
  • Issue a “/N”. (this will connect you to ETH0) EH0 will be your local network.
    • Define the IP Address.
    • Define the Subnet Mask
    • Leave the gateway undefined.
  • This will already be defined under the “/cell command”
    • Set fallback to “OFF”
    • Define the static route

Below is an example:

  1. route add -net netmask gw
    (below is the reference for cell unit or dual)
  2. route add -net netmask  dev eth0
  3. route add -net netmask dev eth1

Where the bold portion represents the IP address/range you will be connecting from.

The Italicized is the subnet from where you will connect from.

And the bold and italicized portion will be the gateway you are connecting from.

Issue a "/p modem". (this will connect you to your cell) This will be your external network.

  • Define the IP address
  • Define the Subnet Mask
  • Define the gateway

Only one gateway should be defined.

For more information please refer to the article below: