No Inbound Cellular Access

I got my SIM card from my Cellular carrier and put it into my WTI device, everything looks OK but i can not access the device from the outside world.

When you get your SIM card from a cellular carrier by default, the IP address the carrier assigns is dynamic and it is behind the carriers firewall which restricts the types of connections that it allows through.

You need to tell you cellular carrier that you have an IoT device and that you need an inbound connection. This will mean getting a static IP address and allowing the minimum ports through (SSH - 22, HTTPS - 443) the carriers firewall.

If this is not an option, then you can use any off the shelf SIM card from any carrier but you will need to setup a VPN connection, A WTI VPN connection will connect from the WTI device to your VPN server. (OpenVPN Sample Configuration)

To make sure that our cell connection is connected, first make sure that your cellular connection is active. This can seen observed if you login with SSH and issue the command:


Displaying the status of the cellular modem

On this screen the PPP Session Established should be yes, this means the Cellular modem has made a connection and a IP address is assigned.

Now lets try an outbound ping. Again login with ssh and issue the command:


then choose number 6. Ping

enter the address:

and it should response with:

Response was received.

The tells us that the cellular modem is working properly and that a connection is active.