WPO-STRT-DSM40 Straight Pinout Option Installed


Straight Pinout Option Installed on DSM-40 Models

All RJ45 console ports on your device will be installed with a straight-through pinout

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Each RJ45 console port is pinned for cisco straight-through cables.


When RJ45 ports on WTI devices are installed with a straight-through pinout, most router, switch, firewall and other device console ports can be connected using a standard patch cable. Please verify the correct pinout of the console ports on your devices. Should you need a different pinout, please see available WTI adapters.

Straight-Through Pinout: In Straight Cables the pins on each connector are linked to the same pin number on the connector at the other end of the cable; for example, Pin 1 on the right hand connector is linked to Pin 1 on the left hand connector, as shown below. Straight-through Cable Pinout

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