Polling WTI Switched PDUs via SolarWinds Orion NPM

Can’t find peak power and current loads across your network?
Have no fear, the ultimate power polling solution is here.  WTI has joined forces with SolarWinds to add power polling capabilities to your network management arsenal. Add WTI devices to your Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) and initiate power polling today.

Several WTI customers running SolarWinds Orion NPM have installed our new VMR Series Outlet Meter Switched PDU onto their networks.  Orion NPM identifies the VMR as a compatible device and is immediately available for polling current and power across groups and individual outlets.  Each poller can be configured and assigned to specific nodes or interfaces of appropriate network devices.  To learn more about creating power pollers on Orion NPM download your free white paper and WTI Universal Device Poller from SolarWinds.

VMR Series - Switched PDU Outlet Meter

The VMR outlet meter is a switched pdu delivering power to your network equipment while metering Amps and Watts on individual outlets.  Should devices lock up or need a simple reboot the VMR can also switch power on/off/reboot to bring your unresponsive equipment back to life. Order your new switched pdu with per outlet power metering

SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM)

From virtualization to multi-vendor devices, your networks are constantly changing and growing. Orion NPM makes managing these dynamic networks easier than ever. New features include ConnectNow™ topology mapping, virtual datacenter monitoring, automated network discovery, completely redesigned navigation, in-product notifications, and more. Learn more about Orion NPM.

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