Edge Management Solutions

When the Network Goes Down...

Failover to Cellular, Access Console Ports & Reboot Devices

Failover to Private LTE

REM | Edge Failover & Console Management

  • Establish a Secondary Connection Over 4G LTE
  • Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile & International Carriers
  • LTE Cat 4 with Fallback to 3G/2G
  • Console Access to Edge Devices

REM | Edge Failover & Power Management

  • Failover to Cellular & Power Reboot
  • Remote Reboot Up to 4 Local Outlets
  • Access & Control External PDU's

REM | Edge Failover + Console + Reboot

  • Failover to Cellular
  • Console Access to Edge Devices
  • Remote Reboot Up to 4 Local Outlets + External PDU's

The REM is a compact and versatile solution for WAN edge and branch offices. With multiple configuration options, the REM can deliver 4G failover for internet backup connectivity and provide all the benefits of a next-gen terminal server and intelligent PDU in a small form factor for edge deployments.

Applications requiring always-available resilient network connectivity and proactive monitoring and remediation can use WTI DevOps integration with all REM models to provide telemetric data acquisition and network automation responses to network disruptions.