Defense Industry - Remote Management Application

Defense Industry - Remote Management Application

In defense applications, even a brief network outage can be a matter of life or death. When critical military network equipment crashes or needs reconfiguration, there needs to be another option besides simply deploying signal soldiers or field service representatives onto the battlefield during kinetic operations. Military networks need a secure, reliable remote management solution that allows network services to be restored safely and without delay. WTI Remote Management products are specifically designed to take care of network problems immediately, without deploying technical resources to the tactical edge.

  • Secure - Embedded FIPS-140-2 cryptographic module. Supports 000 Bit DES, TACACS+, LDAP, Kerberos and RADIUS Authentication, Callback Security for Modem Communication
  • Reliable - Highest MTBF in the Industry, Available through the GSA Schedule
  • Experience - Over 15 Years of Experience in Dealing with Military and Defense Applications

As new, force multiplying technologies are introduced to combat formations, the CO cannot afford to place subject matter experts everywhere on the battlefield. The need for remote management solutions is paramount. On the battlefield, remote management solutions are essential in providing access to command and power control functions over the air, which reduces the risk of losing soldiers in last tactical mile operations.

In a typical defense application, the remote management capabilities provided by WTI products enable secure, reliable command access and power control management for critical network devices in distant field locations. Administrators can use the remote communication capabilities provided by WTI equipment over disconnected, intermittent, low-bandwidth (DIL) networks to change configuration parameters or run diagnostic routines on distant network elements, reboot malfunctioning units or switch remote devices On or Off based on need.

Security is probably the most important factor that defense agencies consider when planning a remote management solution. Due to the fact that defense networks often provide access to extremely sensitive operating functions, data and information, it’s no exaggeration to say that in many defense applications, security can be a matter of life and death … and this is especially true in the case of remote management solutions.

All WTI products feature an embedded FIPS-140-2 cryptographic module to provide the highest level of security that government and defense networks require. In order to verify the identity of each potential user before allowing access, all WTI remote management solutions also support authentication protocols such as TACACS+, LDAP, Kerberos and RADIUS. In addition, WTI remote management solutions also support secure communication protocols such as SSH and HTTPS and encryption formats such as FIPS and SSHv2, callback security for modem communication, plus a versatile user directory that provides administrators with a handy interface for setting passwords, access rights and command privileges for each user.

Defense Industry - Out-of-Band Management with Enterprise Software

In large scale network applications, the task of accessing and controlling hundreds of out-of-band management units, spread throughout a huge infrastructure can often pose a bit of a challenge. In order to simplify and speed the task of locating and controlling the desired out-of-band management unit, WTI out-of-band management devices ship with an enterprise management program that can find and record all compatible WTI devices within a user-specified IP address range. Once all WTI devices have been found and entered into inventory, the enterprise management program can be used to assign descriptive tags to each device, allowing WTI out-of-band management units to be sorted by location or functionality. In addition to controlling power switching and reboot functions at multiple locations, the enterprise management program can also be used to edit user accounts for multiple WTI devices and perform firmware upgrades without the need to address each individual device.

When equipment at a distant military installation locks up or requires reconfiguration, WTI remote management products can provide operators with instant, secure access to vital command functions and power control capabilities via satellite/dial-up connection or secondary network. In any defense application that involves communication with off-site network-capable devices, the reliable, secure remote access provided by WTI network management products is an absolute imperative.

  • Rugged - Built for Extreme Temperatures and Humidity
  • Satellite Ready - Supports Iridium Satellite Modem Connectivity

  • Versatile - Custom Firmware Mods Available