Secure Console Management for Next-Gen Firewalls

Remotely access and manage console ports on all your security appliances with WTI Out-of-Band console servers.

  • Log Console Output Using CLI & SYSLOG
  • Reconfigure & Debug Appliances
  • Monitor Console Output Strings
  • 4, 8, 24 & 40 Port Models
  • Integrated Power on Select Models
WTI console servers seamlessly integrate with a variety of next-gen firewall manufacturers such as Cisco, Palo Alto, and Check Point just to name a few. Learn how your network can benefit.

Palo Alto Networks + WTI | Tech Partner Brief 
OOB Management for Palo Alto Networks NGFW Appliances

Check Point + WTI | Solutions
Console & Power Management for Check Point Security Gateways

Console access over cellular

When your primary network goes down or you just can't run a hardline to a mountain top, use WTI cellular console servers to access console ports on mission-critical appliances.

  • Cellular Failover During Outages
  • Access & Reconfigure DNS Server Settings
  • Hard Reboot Routers When Local LAN is Disconnected