Console Alert for Monitoring Console Port Output of Switches, Routers and Firewalls

Console Alert™ for Monitoring Console Port Output of Switches, Routers and Firewalls

WTI’s DSM Series Console Servers and CPM Series Console Server + Power Control products allow a more proactive approach to network administration by, providing an effective means to search for specific, user-defined text strings in console output data, and then immediately generate an alarm when signs of trouble are detected.

Monitoring Console Port Output Data from Servers, Switches and Routers

DSM and CPM series products include Console Alert™, an on-board buffer filter alarm that can provide prompt notification whenever indications of developing trouble are detected in console port output data. When user specified error messages, status reports or other text strings are found by Console Alert™ the WTI device can immediately notify support personnel via email, text or SYSLOG message, allowing minor issues to be addressed before more serious problems ensue. Console Alert™ allows you to define text strings that will trigger alarms, and notify admins when indications of potential trouble are found.

The ability to constantly scan console port output data for indications of trouble allows you to spot potential problems before they disrupt network service and enables administrators to anticipate infrastructure needs. Console Alert™ provides an automated solution for minimizing downtime, avoiding outages and ensuring that vital network services are available when needed.