What cellular carriers does WTI support ?

Cellular Carrier Options

Let's just say, most of the known world.

WTI has three cellular modem options, for the United States we have a Verizon cellular modem, for North America (including the U.S., Canada and Mexico) we have the AT&T cellular modem and the third one WTI has is the World cellular modem, that covers the rest of the known world.

Here are the tech specs for:

Verizon Cellular Modem:


Check the Verizon Frequency Locator

AT&T Cellular Modem:

4G: 700(B17)/850(B5)/AWS1700(B4)/1900(B2)

3G: 850(B5)/1900(B2)

2G: 850/1800

Check the AT&T Frequency Locator

World Cellular Modem:

4G: 800(B20)/1800(B3)/2600(B7)

3G: 850(B5)/900(B8)/2100(B1)

2G: 900/1800

4G: Map of the B7-2600 Frequency

4G: Map of the B3-1800 Frequency

4G: Map of the B20-800 Frequency

3G: Map of the B1-2100 Frequency

3G: Map of the B8-900 Frequency

3G: Map of the B5-850 Frequency

2G: Map of the 850 Frequency

2G: Map of the 1800 Frequency

Map of worldwide frequency by countries