RESTful User Service Access

You can customized a user of a WTI device to be only a RESTful API user.

The user you create this way will not have Serial, SSH, Telnet or web access. This user will only be able to access anything on the WTI box through the WTI RESTful interface calls.

To do this, login as a supervisor to a WTI device and issue these commands:>/p>

/f  (System Parameters command)

(User Directory)

Choose the selection to either Add User to Directory or Modify User Directory.

(if you choose Modify User Directory, on the next screen enter which user you want to Modify)

Selection Option 8. Service Access

Make sure Serial Port, Telnet/SSH, Web and Outbound Access are marked as Off, with only RESTful API Access marked as On.

To save the changes,  <esc> your way out until the main menu.


A few notes to keep in mind when making a RESTful API user.

  • To configure anything, the user must have an Access Level of Administrator.

  • If your user has an Access Level of User, then the Port Access and Plug Access must also be defined, if you want to access these devices.

    • RESTful calls accessed with a user with the Access Level of View Only, will always get an Access Denied error.