Multiple Gateway Feature

WTI devices support multiple gateway settings, one per LAN/WAN port.

*Note that you can only have one default gateway. The second/third gateway will need to be set under the network parameters corresponding to that port. Therefore, network parameters for only one port need to be set as "ON".

Multiple gateways can be setup as follows:

Step 1: Configure ETH0

Issue the /n command to access the Configure Network Parameters menu

/n → Option 1 (IP Address) → Enter the IP Address

/n → Option 2 (Subnet Mask) → Enter Subnet mask

/n → Option 3 (Gateway Addr) → Option 1 (Gateway Addr) → Enter gateway address of the network

/n → Option 3 (Gateway Addr) → Option 2 (Default Gateway) → Select OFF

ESC all the way to the main menu to save the changes.


Step 2: Configure Cell Interface

Issue the /cell command to access Cell Modem Configuration

/cell → Option 2 (APN, Carrier) → Option 1 (APN) → Enter APN

/cell → Option 2 (APN, Carrier) → Option 2 (Carrier) → Select your service provider

/cell → Option 1(Default Gateway) → Option 1 (Default Gateway) → Select ON

ESC all the way to the main menu to save the changes.


Step 3: Verify the connection:

  • Ping the IP address of ETH0 and the Cell Interface from a remote network.
  • Issue “/bash route” command and verify the routes for both interfaces.
  • Make sure there is only one Default Gateway ON and Gateway address is assigned for all interfaces.

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