/J* Command on WTI Units

The /j* command will provide vital information when calling into tech support or to find out information about the unit itself.

The fig. above shows what the /j* command outputs.

PRODUCT: Will designate product line/type

LINE INPUT COUNT/ RATING: Total number of power inputs/ Max Power Input

BREAKERS: If the device contains breakers or not

LINE FREQUENCY: Current Hz the device is running at (Usually between 50Hz-60Hz)

CURRENT MONITOR: If the device is able to monitor power current per outlet/branch

MODEM INSTALLED: If the device has an internal modem currently installed (Console/Hybrid Products only)

SW VERSION: Current firmware version of the device

CPU/ BOARD PROGRAM DATE: Processor Type (PPC1, PPC2, PPC3, ARM)/ Date of program

RAM / FLASH: Installed RAM (Not upgradeable)/ Installed Flash

ENGERGYWISE: Cisco EnergyWise firmware version

SERIAL NUMBER: Product serial number assigned at factory

ASSET TAG: User defined asset tag

MODEM PHONE NUMBER: User assigned modem phone number

GIG / DUAL-PHY: If the device is GIG Ethernet compatible/ If the device contains dual Ethernet ports

OPENSSL VERSION: Current OpenSSL version running on unit and Release Date

OPENSSH VERSION: Current Open SSH version running on unit

Apache Version: Current Apache version running on unit

Energywise Version: Current Engergywise version running on unit

RESTful Versions: Current Restful versions running on unit