Is there really 5 year warranty?

Our Five by Five limited Warranty is designed to ensure that our products continue to solve problems and serve your needs for years and years after you purchase them.

WTI's five year limited warranty is one of the best in the industry in terms of longevity, and it also covers these five critical points:

  1. Free Parts: No charge for parts that fail due to defects in manufacturing.
  2. Free Labor: No charge for labor to correct issues caused by defects in manufacturing.
  3. Free Support (US Based): Our qualified support technicians are located on-site at WTI corporate headquarters in Irvine, California (right down the hall from our engineering staff.) When you need quick solutions to complex service issues, our entire technical and engineering staff is available to help ... and we won't pass you off to some call center on the other side of the globe.
  4. Free Firmware Patches: Free firmware patches to ensure that your WTI product is running the most up-to-date firmware version available.
  5. Fast Replacement Delivery: If your WTI unit fails due to defects in manufacturing or materials within the original warranty period and we determine that it must be replaced, WTI can have a replacement unit shipped within 24 hours.

Obviously, our warranty doesn't cover damage caused by accidents and misuse (e.g., spilled coffee, lightning strikes or use as a boat anchor,) but in the unlikely event that the unit fails due to defects in materials or manufacturing, you can count on WTI to repair and return your WTI unit quickly and at no additional cost.

For more detailed information about Western Telematic's five year warranty, you can read it here.