Changing the default username and password

Factory default Username/Password

WTI devices ship from the factory with a single account enabled:

  • Username: super
  • Password: super

This account grants complete control over the WTI device.  To secure your WTI device, it is essential that you change the default password during initial setup as per the instructions below.

Login to the WTI device

From any SSH or serial connection (Telnet also but it not recommended because of the cleartext repercussions ) . After you login, enter

  • /f
  • 1 (User Directory)
  • 3 (Modify User DIrectory
  • super (orthe name of the user you want to change)
  • 2 (Password)

After this you will be prompted to enter the password and then be prompted again for verification. Escape out of all the menus, and now your default super user has a custom password.