Buffer Filter Alarm

When the port buffer mode is enabled, the new Buffer Filtering option allows for 2 filter strings to be monitored.

When either of these strings are captured, in the ports buffer, the Buffer Filter Alarm will be generated.

The alarm will be recorded in our alarm log and will trigger enabled alarm notification options: syslog, SNMP, Email and Restful/API

The port Buffer must be erased to clear the alarm condition.

Below are directions setting up the Buffer Filter Alarm.

Navigate to the Configuration tab in the left hand menu. Expand the tab and select serial port configuration. Select the serial port you wish to enable the buffer filter alarm with.

Set port mode to buffer.

Define the Buffer Filtering String 1 and Buffer Filtering String 2 to the values you desire. In the example below I am having it alert me for the key words "TEST" and "WTI".

Select "Change Serial Parameters" to save changes.