Red Hat Ansible / Ansible Galaxy Support

With the release of Ansible version 2.9. Red Hat has drastically changed the way they handle modules that talk to connected devices. In this Ansible version, Red Hat has recommended using a "collection" to group and submit modules and WTI has embraced their advice going forward.

Ansible is Red Hat's Automation platform to simplify repetitive tasks and to help reduce errors by communicating with network devices in a consistent and uniform manner. Ansible automates software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment.

You can review the WTI collection of modules at the Ansible Galaxy website

It allows you to Add/Modify Users, Set IPTables, NTP/Datetime, Port / Plug, SNMP and Ethernet Interface parameters. Also included is getting statistics such as unit, temperature, alarm and power information, all through the Ansible automation system.

To interface with Ansible requires the writing of YAML based Playbooks, no programming knowledge is needed.

Sample playbooks can be found within the collection when you install on your machine or on Github at WTI's repository location.

If you have any suggestions/comments on future inclusions in the collection please let us know.