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A Power Redundancy Solution Can Prevent Power Outages during Product Testing

power redundancy in the test lab

When testing network elements and other electronic devices during product development, one ill-timed power outage can instantly invalidate the test process. A power failure during the test procedure can disable the device under test as well as interfere with the operation of various control devices, data recorders and other devices that are running the test, often resulting in the need to re-start the test procedure from step one.

In order to improve the reliability and accuracy of the test process, many test lab administrators turn to a power redundancy solution. A viable power redundancy solution helps to ensure that the device under test plus test elements such as load injectors, traffic generators, load balancers, test bed servers, data recorders and control devices are fully operational during the test procedure.

WTI’s PTS-14CM20-V Series Vertical Format Power Transfer Switches provide the perfect fit for test labs who need to implement an effective power redundancy solution, but lack the resources or time to replace existing single power inlet test equipment with new, dual power inlet devices. In rack mounted test applications the vertical format PTS offers a zero-unit mounting configuration, providing a power redundancy solution that can be mounted on a rack post or rack pocket, saving valuable rack space.

  • Power Redundancy for Single Power Inlet Test Devices, Data Recorders and Load Generators
  • Reliable, Seamless Automatic Power Switching
  • Continuous Source Monitoring
  • Robust Out-of-Phase Switching Capability
  • LED Indicators Show Active Power Source
  • Easy Installation; No Configuration Required
  • Vertical Mounting: Zero U Mounting Brackets Included
  • Available in both 120 and 240 VAC Formats
  • Typical Switching Time: 8-12ms; 16ms max @ 60 Hz
  • Vertical Units Include Twelve IEC C13 Outlets plus Two IEC C19 Outlets

In test labs, data centers, web hosting facilities and cloud hosting facilities, an effective power redundancy solution ensures that simple power outages will not interrupt test procedures or client access to valuable data, services and tools. By eliminating power outages as a possible source of downtime, a power redundancy solution helps to keep both users and customers happy by making certain that the services that they pay for are always available when needed.

WTI’s PTS-14CM20-V Series Vertical Format Power Transfer Switches take the sting out of the task of implementing an effective power redundancy solution by eliminating the expense and hassles of replacing existing single power inlet devices.