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Managing Network Devices in Traffic Signal Control Enclosures

Traffic signal control enclosures include a variety of electronic devices that can often be restored to normal operation by a simple power reboot. In addition to an Ethernet switch, street corner signal control boxes can also include sensor controls, devices for managing inductive loop detectors, signal sequencing equipment and traffic cameras. When any of these elements crash or fail, the result can be traffic tie-ups, safety problems and impatient drivers.

The entire purpose of a traffic system is to keep traffic moving smoothly, and when a network element in a traffic signal control enclosure ceases to operate and causes a major traffic back-up, it’s absolutely imperative that remote administrators have a way to correct the problem as quickly as possible. In situations like this, there’s no time to wait for a service team to arrive on-site; the problem needs to be dealt with immediately (if not sooner.)

WTI NPS-3F15 series Network Power Switches provide traffic system managers with a secure, reliable means to reboot devices in remote roadside enclosures in order to restore traffic signal systems to normal operation and get traffic moving again. When an NPS-3F15 Network Power Switch is installed in a street corner signal control box, system administrators can immediately contact the NPS via in-band or out-of-band connection and invoke commands to reboot unresponsive devices in a fraction of the time that would be required for a service team to arrive on site.

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