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Managing Network Devices in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Applications

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) provide two valuable services: they keep drivers informed regarding conditions on the road ahead and help to track traffic congestion levels across huge freeway networks. Given the size and scope of most Intelligent Transportation Systems, it’s absolutely vital to allow the capability to remotely manage networked traffic monitoring and reporting devices spread throughout the system.

In a large metropolitan area, a typical control enclosure in an Intelligent Transportation System might include an Ethernet switch to allow network connectivity, inductive loop detection systems to measure traffic levels, traffic cameras to monitor conditions on various roadways and controls for Variable Message Signs (VMS) to notify drivers of travel times, closed roadways and accidents along the route. Without these critical capabilities, ITS managers are unable to effectively monitor traffic levels or react to unexpected problems in a timely manner.

In ITS applications, WTI's NPS-3F15 Network Power Switch allows system administrators to quickly reboot unresponsive networked devices in order to restore traffic monitoring and VMS capabilities or switch devices On or Off depending on need, time of day and other factors. This eliminates the need for service calls to remote roadside control enclosures, and allows immediate response to changing conditions and service outages.

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