Managing Network Devices in Cell Tower Applications

In addition to cellular antennas and signal boosters, most cell towers also include networked sensors, security cameras, power gauges and other devices that are used to monitor conditions at the remote cell tower without a constant, on-site human presence. Typically, sensors and other devices are connected to network elements such as switches and linked to a central Ethernet LAN backbone. This allows administrators at distant management facilities to track power conditions, service outages and environmental factors at the cell tower site, plus enables access to cameras and motion detectors at the remote site that are used to verify security.

4g LTE cellular out of band management - cell tower management application

It’s fairly obvious that the primary means of communication with the cell tower will most likely be cellular. However, in the event that the tower goes dark and direct cellular communication with the tower itself is not possible, a secondary, out-of-band means of communication with the remote tower is absolutely vital in order to restore the tower to normal operation without a costly service call or extensive down-time.

Due to the remote nature of many cell tower sites, a 4G LTE cellular broadband connection often provides the most practical means for out-of-band communication without the need for a hands-on service call. In this case, a CPM-1600-1-ECA Console Server + PDU Hybrid unit with the 4G LTE Cellular Option can be installed on site to allow administrators to communicate with devices at a dead cell tower via the nearest functioning cell tower.

In AC powered applications, a CPM Series Console + Power Hybrid with the 4G LTE Cellular Option can be used to provide out-of-band access to console port command functions and control power switching and reboot functions at the remote site in order to bring the tower back to life again. In DC powered cell tower management applications, a WTI RPC Series Remote DC Power Switch and DSM-40DC-E Serial Console Switch with the 4G LTE Cellular Option can provide out-of-band cellular broadband access to console port command functions and power switching and reboot capabilities.