CEO Site Tours - Remote Power Consumption Reading

One of our customers located in British Columbia, has devised a hardware and software solution which collects real-time power consumption data from commercial and residential buildings in a specific power grid footprint, and then transmits that data to a main NOC. This real-time consumption data is then used by power companies, transmission entities and generating facilities to track power consumption trends, plan for peak demands and offer excess capacity to other areas or markets.

Recently, while manning our booth at the UTC Technology Show in Long Beach, California, I noticed that one of our customers also had a booth at the same show. So I went over to say, "Hello" and we ended up discussing their application for our products.

It turned out that the company had developed a line of power meters which incorporate RF technology to communicate with a remote collection site or base station. In addition to servicing several thousand power meters, the collection site can also retrieve data from the power meters, archive that data and then forward it to a main data center over GSM, microwave or other wireless media. These remote collection sites are usually set up at an elevated location, and look very similar to a typical wireless service tower.

Remote Power Consumption Reading

During development, the company's engineers had encountered a problem: several pieces of control hardware at the remote collection sites would need to be regularly rebooted (power cycled) during off hours. Normally, this occurred when remote software upgrades were installed, or when the collection site had switched to back-up power and some sort of glitch had caused the hardware to lock-up, requiring a cold boot before normal operation could be restored.

To solve this problem, the customer had used WTI's remote power control units to provide constant communication with remote collection sites, and allow their engineers back at the NOC to remotely reboot network equipment at tower sites without resorting to costly truck rolls or on-site personnel.

About WTI

WTI is a California based company which designs and manufactures serial console servers and power reboot switches. WTI units are deployed in wide area networks in several industry sectors and serve multiple mission critical applications. WTI is committed to the continual technological evolution of remote power management tools to help the network administrator save time and money by keeping devices up and running 24/7/365.