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"Great company to do business with and outstanding service."
Tony Prey - AT&T

"Best part is it just works out of the box. The serial ports work great with the Cisco gear with no config changes from the factory default."
Jack Kinney - Lincare Network Operations

"WTI was the only company that took the time to understand our issues, and, at a very reasonable cost, provided us with a patch that allowed us to unset this timer. Other companies refused to assist (partially I think because the other companies OEMd their product and maybe didn't have access to the code to do this). I have been happy with the product since. We currently run 4 IPS-800s"
Colin - Crossbeam Systems

"We've been using the Network Boot Bar for more than a year, and I've been very impressed with its reliability. This is one device that I'd like to never have to use because that indicates a problem in our server farm. Fortunately, whenever I have needed it, the unit has been 100% reliable and has saved us thousands of dollars in lost revenue on at least 2 different occasions. It has more than paid for itself and I will gladly return to WTI for our next expansion!"
Aaron Asbra - Dealerlink

"WTI's Remote rebooters and Console manages have made network maintenance a breeze."
Mike Maley, Network Deployment Manager - MetroFi

"One feature that is particularly valuable is the ability to communicate with equipment using different baud rates. We are very satisfied with the APS-16M."
Mike - ICS

"We have been WTI users for about 8 years now and are very pleased with the performance, reliability and ease of use. The auto-ranging power supplies allow us to deliver a single product worldwide without worry of local electrical standards. Since the equipment is designed to be rack-mounted, the finished installation is neat and clean. Thanks again for the quote and the excellent products. Keep up the good work!!"
Dave - Goodrich