Site Tours

Interesting Installations of WTI Products

We've had the opportunity to travel to many installation sites throughout the world in order to help our customers harness their own creativity and engineering skills and produce innovative solutions for complex problems, using WTI products. With this in mind, we'd like to share some of these applications that we've been fortunate enough to witness first hand. We freely admit that some of these examples are rather 'odd ball' applications, that don't have broad market appeal ... but that's exactly what makes them fun and interesting for the datacom professional who enjoys creating original solutions for challenging problems. This is precisely the type of creativity that makes our industry both exciting and fascinating.

There seems to be an underlying trend in all of the applications we have seen for our units; WTI customers are masters of creative problem-solving, technical innovation and out-of-box thinking. It is our privilege and joy to help such creative minds solve niche datacom and power control problems, and we're proud that WTI has the opportunity to be of service to this elite group of engineers and problem solvers.

In writing these application notes, we have included as much information as we believe is needed for the reader to appreciate the 'cool' factor of each application. Our sales engineers shot all of the pictures included on these pages... and in each case, the site manager or program lead gave consent for the photos to be used on WTI's website.

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