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WPO-STRT-CPM8 Straight Pinout Option for CPM-8 Models (Installed)

WPO-STRT-CPM8 Straight Pinout Option for CPM-800 Models (Installed)

WPO-STRT-CPM8 Straight Pinout Option for CPM-8 Models (Installed)

Price: $197.00 (USD)

WTI’s Straight Pinout Option for our CPM Series Console + Power Control Combos simplifies the task of connecting the CPM to Cisco devices and other network elements that include DCE format console ports. The straight pin-out port configuration eliminates the need for roll cables and adapters and allows standard straight patch cables to be used to connect the CPM to DCE ports on managed network elements.

This saves both time and rack space by eliminating the presence of adapters, and also allows a more organized approach to cable routing.

The Straight Pinout Option is available on all CPM Series models. To order any new CPM Console + Power Control Combo with straight through ports, simply add the Straight Pinout Option at time of order.

Straight Pinout Option – RJ45 Serial Port Pinout

For further information regarding connecting network elements to straight pinned RJ45 Ports, please refer to the WTI Console Products Standard Pinned & Straight Pinned Connection Guide

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