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RPB+115 Remote Reboot Power Control Bar

RPB+115 Remote Reboot Power Control Bar

SKU:  RPB+115

See Replacement Product: NPS-8HS20-1 Network Power Switch

Network equipment sometimes "locks-up" requiring a trip toflip the power switch off and then back on. When distance makes this costlyor time consuming, WTI's RPB+ can do it for you. On-command switching willgive you convenient remote AC control of your network hardware or any ACpowered device.

RPB+115 Block Diagram

The RPB+ is an intelligent unit which offers password protection, userprogrammable plug "labels" to identify each AC device,programmable location ID, and individual commands to turn ON, OFF or BOOTeach of the (5) AC outlets. The unit requires no software, and can becontrolled using basic VT100 type terminal emulation software.

The RPB+ is controlled through a DB-9 RS-232 port which can be connectedto your modem, terminal or PC. The control port can also be connected to aterminal server for complete in-band network control of your ACequipment.

Includes Enterprise Management Software

remote power reboot control with enterprise management software

All WTI console server products include WTI’s convenient Enterprise Management Software, which drastically simplifies the task of managing multiple console servers spread throughout your network infrastructure. The WMU Enterprise Management Software provides a centralized command interface that allows administrators to easily manage, label and control multiple WTI console servers in large network applications, reducing the time required to access console port command functions on connected devices.

Once installed on your PC or laptop, the Enterprise Management Software can search a user-defined IP address range on your network and discover all WTI console servers within the range. Discovered units are then added to the Enterprise Management Software’s inventory, allowing administrators to assign a descriptive tag to each console server in order to denote the location or function of the device. In addition to providing a centralized interface for remote console port access, the Enterprise Management Software can also be used to control firmware updates for WTI products and edit and manage user accounts at individual or multiple WTI console servers.


  • Remote Reboot of Routers, Servers, Etc.
  • Remote Power Control for Communications Equipment
  • Remote Power Control for any 115V AC Device Via Modem or Terminal Server


  • Password Protection
  • Plug Names, Status Display, Location ID
  • All Metal Construction, 19 Inch Rack Mounted
  • Individual Control of Each Plug (ON, OFF, REBOOT)
  • Terminal or Terminal Emulation Software Controlled


Control Port:
Interface: RS-232 DB9M AT (Pinned as a COM Port)
Data Rate: 2400 or 9600 (Switch Selectable)
Operating Features:
LEDs: Source Power ON, Control Input, Plug Status (1-5)
Password: 8 Characters, High Order ASCII (Case Sensitive)
Location ID: 23 Characters
Programmable Plug Names: 16 Characters Each
Source Power: (1) NEMA 5-15 Cord, 15 Amps Max. Load @ 120 VAC
Switched Power Plugs: (5) NEMA 5-15 Sockets, Rated 15 Amps Each (120 VAC)
Maximum Load: 15 Amps @ 120 VAC, Distributed
Size: 1.75" H x 17" W x 6.5" D (1U)
Mounting: 19" Rack Mount Brackets Included
Weight: 5 Lbs. Shipping Weight
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C
Agency Approvals:
UL, cUL, CSA, FCC Class A
  • Includes Enterprise Management Software

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