RPC-4850-24V DC Power Control Switch

RPC-4850-24V DC Power Control Switch

WTI Remote DC Power Controller (2)50 Amp Input Terminal Blocks, (8)Output Terminals @ 15 Amp ea., 24V DC

SKU:  RPC-4850-24V
Price: $2,077.00 (USD)

Accessories Included:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Network Cable, Cat 5e, 7 ft.
  • NC-9F9F-6F - Null Cable, 6 ft.

Reboot Local & Remote DC Powered Equipment!

DC powered equipment sometimes "lock-up," often requiring a service call to a remote site just to flip the power switch to perform a simple reboot. The RPC gives you the ability to remote reboot and remote power cycle your DC equipment from anywhere; just point your browser to the IP address of any RPC unit, enter the secure user name and password, and you're just a click away from remote power On, Off or Reboot!

Easy to Configure, Easy to Use

The RPC can be configured via SSH or SNMP, or locally via the serial console port. Easy to master, user-friendly menus and commands allow you assign a location name, set system parameters and view plug status. Outlets can be switched on, off, rebooted or set to user-defined default status using plug numbers or names.

Versatile Alarm Functions for Automatic Reboot and Power Switching

In addition to performing on-demand reboots and power switching in the central office, the RPC also includes an assortment of administrator-defined alarm features, which can be used to automatically reboot or switch outlets when high rack temperatures, open circuit breakers, power supply irregularities, unresponsive network elements and other important events and factors are detected. When any of these alarm functions are triggered, the RPC can also provide notification via email, SNMP trap or SYSLOG message. Each alarm includes a configuration menu that can be used to customize alarm triggers and response actions to fit the requirements of your specific application.

Security and Co-Location

Access to the RPC command mode is password protected to prevent unauthorized users from invoking sensitive switching and configuration functions. Both the Web Browser Interface and Command Line Interface require the user to enter a password and username before allowing access.

The RPC also features four different levels of user accounts; Administrator Level, Super User Level, User Level and View Only Level. Administrators are allowed access to all configuration and operational commands. Super Users are allowed to direct switching commands to any terminal and can view configuration menus, but are not allowed to change configuration parameters. User accounts are allowed to invoke switching commands, but are limited to the switched terminals that are specifically defined for the user account. View Only level accounts are allowed to display RPC status screens, but are not allowed to invoke switching commands or configuration commands.

Reliability and Support

The RPC is built in the USA and backed by a five year warranty. WTI products are installed in thousands of network sites world wide. Our customers know they can depend on WTI for superior quality and reliability for their most mission-critical operations.

Power Control & Management:

  • Remote Individual or Group Terminal Switching
  • On, Off, Reboot or Scheduled Terminal Switching
  • Terminal Sequencing & Power Up Delays
  • User-Defined Power-Up Default Status & Terminal Status Retention
  • Terminal Naming, Grouping & Access Control
  • Scheduled On, Off, Reboot Switching
  • Ping Watchdog with Auto Reboot
  • Diode Bridged A & B Power Inlets for Power Output Terminal Redundancy
  • IP & SNMP Control

Metering, Monitoring, Reporting:

  • Reports Temperature
  • Over-Temperature Alarms
  • Ping-No-Answer Alarm
  • Serial Port Invalid Access Lockout Alarm
  • Power Cycle Alarm
  • Alarm Inputs from Dry Contacts
  • No Dialtone Alarm
  • Alarm Notification via Email, SNMP, SYSLOG
  • Alarm, Command, Access Audit, Temperature Logging


  • In-Band (10/100Base-T Ethernet Port)
  • Out-of-Band (External Modem Ready)
  • Local (DB9 RS232 SetUp Port)
  • SSHv2 Encryption
  • Embedded Validated FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Module
  • HTTPS/SSL/TLS Secure Web
  • Multi-Level Subscriber Directory with Terminal-Specific Password Protection
  • IP Address Filtering
  • Remote Authentication: LDAP/Kerberos/RADIUS/TACACS+
  • Supports Both IPv4 and IPv6

Network-grade Power Distribution:

  • 50 Amp Redundant DC In-Feeds
  • 2U Horizontal Mounting
  • 19" Rack Mounting Brackets
  • 1.2 kW Power Distribution


  • Dual +24V DC, Redundant 50 Amp Input Bus
  • Web Browser & SSH Access for Easy Setup and Operation
  • Encrypted Password Security
  • (2) Individual Circuits
  • (8) Switchable Circuits - 15 Amp Max per Terminal
  • On / Off / Reboot Switching
  • IP Addressed 10/100Base-T Interface
  • RS232 Console/Modem Port
  • IP Address Filtering
  • Boot/Sequence Delay
  • Automated Mode


  • Remote Power Management and Control
  • Reboot Servers, Routers, Switches, Web Cams, Firewalls and other Remote Devices.
  • Turn ON/OFF Any +24V DC Powered Device via Telnet, Modem, Web Browser or Local Terminal

unit management

  • Compatible with SNMP-based Enterprise Management Utilities
  • Includes WMU Enterprise Management Software
  • CLI and Web-Based GUI
  • SNMP Control, Monitoring and Configuration with Full MIB Support (Supports SNMP Versions 1, 2C and 3)
  • Multiple Concurrent SSH Sessions
  • SSL Web Browser

Input Alarm Notification & Power Control:

  • (4) Alarm inputs from Dry Contacts
  • Notification via Email, SNMP, SYSLOG
  • Power Control On/Off/Reboot

Green Features:

  • Scheduled On/Off/Reboot Power Switching
  • Cisco EnergyWise Compatible


Power Input/Output:
Voltage: +24V DC
DC Inputs: (2) Bus A & Bus B, Redundant 50 Amps Max. per Bus
Input Connectors: Terminal Block (2) #10 Screws
DC Outputs: Eight (8)
Output Connectors: Terminal Block (8) #8 Screws
Load: 15 Amps Maximum per Circuit (Total for Circuits 1 to 8 Not to Exceed 50 Amps)
Circuit Breakers: Eight (8) each. One per Outlet Circuit; 15 Amp, On/Off, Push/Pull Circuit Breakers
Network Interface:
Connector: 10/100Base-T, RJ45
Console/External Modem Port Interface:
Connector: DB9M, RS232C, DTE
Coding: Serial ASCII, 7/8 Bits, No Parity, 300 - 38.4K bps
LED Indicators: ON, RDY, RXD, Circuit ON (1-8)
Size: 3.5"H x 19"W x 9.5"D (2U)
(8.9 cm H x 48.3 cm W x 24.1 cm D)
Weight: 22 Lbs. (10 Kg) Shipping Weight
Operating Temperature: 32° to 122° F (0° C to 50° C)
Humidity: 10% to 90% RH
Agency Approvals:
Ordering Information:
RPC-4850-24V High Amp DC Network Power Switch

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