DPC-19-L520P-8F - Power Cable

DPC-19-L520P-8F - Power Cable

Power Input Cable, US, NEMA L5-20P to IEC-60320-C19, 20A/125V, 8 Ft (2.4 M)

SKU:  DPC-19-L520P-8F
Price: $42.00 (USD)
The DPC-19-L520P-8F is an eight foot (2.4 M) power cable, with an NEMA L5-20P plug on one end and an IEC-60320-C19 receptacle on the other. The DPC-19-L520P-8F is rated at 20 Amps and is intended for 125 Volt applications.

WTI Part No. Type Description Rating
DPC-19-L520P-8F Power Cable NEMA L5-20P to IEC-60320-C19 Power Cable, 8 ft. (2.4 M) 20A/125V

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