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SRM-100DC -48V DC Rack Modem

SRM-100DC Rack Modem, -48V DC


See Replacement Product:
RMM-56K-DC Rack Mount Dial-Up Modem

When network outages interrupt access to remote IT infrastructure, the SRM-100DC Secure Rack Modem provides an ideal solution for safe dial-up, out-of-band communication. The SRM-100DC features state of the art security and authentication to ensure that even when primary network communication is unavailable, administrators and tech support staff can still securely access remote network elements via a reliable dial-up connection.

In addition to providing a secure, dial-up solution for out-of-band communication, the SRM-100DC also includes a 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet Port, allowing the SRM-100DC to serve as a network accessible, shared modem for users who lack access to modem communication. The presence of an Ethernet port also allows network access to SRM configuration and management functions, plus provides support for reverse/outbound SSH/Telnet, enabling users to easily establish secure connections with other devices on your network.

Dial-up access to the SRM-100DC is protected by a user directory that allows administrators to set individual passwords, callback numbers and access levels for up to 128 user accounts, plus a call-back security function to verify the identity of each dial-up user. Network access to the SRM-100DC is protected by authentication protocols such as LDAP, TACACS+, Kerberos and RADIUS, plus security features such as HTTPS/SSL, IP Address filtering and a FIPS 140-2 cryptographic module.

The SRM-100DC Secure Rack Modem, available in both AC and DC powered models, provides a network-accessible, rack-mountable solution for dial-up out-of-band communication with advanced security and authentication features, plus the ability to establish reverse SSH sessions. If your current dial-up, out-of-band access solution consists of a series of consumer-grade external modems, shoe-horned into gaps in your equipment rack, the SRM-100DC can provide you with a more reliable, convenient and secure approach to dial-up communication.

19" Rack Mount Modem

Make installation easy with a simple 19" form factor that conveniently fits into your equipment racks and cabinets. No more random modems sitting loosely on top of your router just waiting to fall. The SRM comes in a space saving 1u footprint designed for stability and functionality.

Dial Back Security

The SRM-100DC Secure Rack Modem provides password-protected, dial-up access to rack mounted serial communications equipment. The SRM's non-volatile memory can store up to 128 user accounts, each with an optional dial back number. The Dial Back number can then be used by the SRM to verify the identity of each logon by automatically dialing the callback number for the account before allowing access to the connected device.

Password Protected Access

Each user account can be assigned an individual password, user name, access privileges, and an optional Dial Back number. Access privileges assigned to each account determine which SRM-100DC command functions the account will be allowed to employ. This allows administrator level accounts to gain access to command mode functions in order to change parameters or check user activity, while barring non-administrator accounts from command mode functions and other SRM capabilities.

Audit, Alarm and Temperature Logs

The SRM-100DC includes three data logs that can be used to track user activity, alarm events and temperature readings and log this data for future review. User activity is recorded in the Audit Log, which lists a description of each event, the name of the user account involved and the login/logout status of each account. Alarm activity is tracked by the Alarm Log, which lists the name of the alarm function that was triggered and indicates whether or not the alarm was later cleared. Temperature readings are recorded in the Temperature Log, which can be displayed as either straight data or in graph format. Records in all three of these logs are time and date stamped to simplify the process of interpreting data and detecting trends or suspect activity.

Local or Remote Configuration

All configuration tasks are performed via the SRM-100DC command mode. The command mode is used to select configuration parameters, create user accounts and review unit activity and event logs. The command mode can be accessed locally via the serial RJ45 or USB Mini format Console Port, or remotely via dial-up connection or Ethernet. The SRM-100DC features two convenient command mode interfaces: a Web Browser format interface for access via Ethernet, plus a traditional command line interface. As mentioned previously, the access privileges set for each user account can be employed to determine which users are allowed to access command mode functions and which users are restricted to basic dialing functions.

Outbound/Reverse SSH

In addition to allowing secure dial-up access, the SRM-100DC can also provide outbound/reverse SSH sessions to devices on your remote LAN. This means that when Ethernet access to remote networks is unavailable, administrators can then dial-in to the SRM-100DC unit over PSTN and create an outbound SSH connection to any troubled device accessible over the remote Ethernet wired LAN.

Reliability and Support

The SRM-100DC is built in the USA and backed by our famous 5x5 5-year warranty. WTI products are installed in thousands of network sites world wide. Our customers know they can depend on WTI for superior quality and reliability for their most mission-critical operations.

Includes Enterprise Management Software

SRM-100 IP enabled rack modem with enterprise management software

All SRM products include WTI’s convenient Enterprise Management Software, which drastically simplifies the task of managing multiple modems deployed throughout your network infrastructure. The WMU Enterprise Management Software provides a centralized command interface that allows administrators to easily manage, label and control multiple WTI modems in large network applications, reducing the time required to access your mission critical equipment.

Once installed on your PC or laptop, the Enterprise Management Software can search a user-defined IP address range on your network and discover all WTI modems within the range. Discovered units are then added to the Enterprise Management Software’s inventory, allowing administrators to assign a descriptive tag to each modem in order to denote the location or function of the device. In addition to providing a centralized interface for remote modem access, the Enterprise Management Software can also be used to control firmware updates for WTI products and edit and manage user accounts at individual or multiple WTI modems.

Modem Features:

  • Secure Dial-Up Rack Modem for Out-of-Band Management
  • Hayes™ Standard Modem Commands to TCP/IP or Serial
  • Internal Real-time Temperature Sensor with In-Band Alarms
  • Out-of-the-Box Ready to Answer on x1 Ring
  • Up to 128 User Accounts; Admin, Super & Standard Users

Security & Authentication:

  • HTTPS, SSHv2, SNMPv3
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) v1.2
  • IPSec / OpenVPN
  • IPtables
  • Two-Factor Authentication: RSA® Ready
  • AAA: LDAP / Active Directory / Kerberos / RADIUS / TACACS+
  • Embedded validated FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Module
  • Port-Specific Password Protection
  • Invalid Access Lockout & Alarm
  • Dial-Back Security

In-Band/Out-Band Access:

  • 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet
  • 56K v.92 Internal Modem (RJ45 & DB25 RS232 Serial Ports)
  • Local Access (RJ45 RS232 & USB Mini SetUp Ports)
  • Network Accessible Dial-Up Modem for Remote Users
  • Supports Both IPv4 and IPv6

IP-to-Serial Console Features:

  • Ctrl+Break Command Block Options
  • SSH / Telnet / Raw-Socket TCP Connection
  • Control Modem Over SSHv2 and Initiate Out-Bound Data Calls
  • Reverse/Outbound SSH

Event Monitoring, Logging and Notification:

  • Over-Temperature Alarms
  • Ping-No-Answer Alarm (Failed Ping Command)
  • Invalid Access Lockout and Alarm
  • Power Cycle Alarm
  • No Dialtone Alarm with Dry Contact Option
  • Alarms via SNMP, Email or Text Message
  • SYSLOG Reporting of Admin-defined Activities & Local Logs (Admin Only)
  • Temperature Logging, User Activity Logging and Event Logging Capabilities
  • Time Stamped Log Records

Unit Management:


Interface Descriptions:
Ethernet Port: 10/100/1000Base-T, RJ45, multi-session
SetUp Ports: One (1) RJ45 Connector (DTE Pinout)
One (1)USB Mini Connector
Internal Modem: 56K v.92 Internal Modem with Dialback Security
Modem Ports: One (1) RJ45 Connector (DCE Pinout)
One (1) DB25 Connector (DCE Pinout)
Phone Line Port: One (1) RJ11 for connection to Telco Line

Voltage: -48 VDC, 0.3 Amp Max.
Power Inlet: (1) DC Terminal Strip (#6-32)

Size: 1.75"H x 19"W x 4.6"D (1U)
(4.4 cm H x 48.3 cm W x 11.7 cm D)
Weight: 12 Pounds (5.4 Kg) Shipping Weight
Operating Temperature: 32° to 122° F (0° C to 50° C)
Humidity: 10% to 90% RH
Mounting: 19" Rack Brackets Included

Agency Approvals:
UL, cUL, FCC Class A

When new, improved versions of product firmware become available, the "Upgrade Firmware" function can be used to update the unit. To receive the latest available firmware update from WTI Technical Support, please click on the link below and complete the form.

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