Intelligent High Amp PDU Supports Script Driven Power Regression Test Applications

Irvine, Ca, April 30, 2014 – WTI (, a long respected innovator in the fields of power management and out-of-band console server solutions has announced that their VMR-HD4D series Intelligent PDU has been enhanced to support script driven control of power switching and reboot functions. As a result of this capability, the VMR-HD4D now provides a perfect power management solution for high amp repetitive reboot power regression testing in accelerated enterprise applications.

“The ability to use scripts to control and drive power regression test applications enables test labs to easily automate repetitive reboot testing while also improving the consistency of the test process,” said Dustin Morrison, Marketing Manager at WTI. “The VMR-HD provides a perfect fit for test labs that need to determine how gracefully their high amp hardware and software products will respond to power outages.”

A WTI high-density power management solution such as the VMR-HD4D allows test lab administrators to subject beta-test hardware or software products to a series of simulated power outages. Each time power is restored to the program or device being tested, any error messages or status reports generated can be captured and stored for later analysis. In addition to providing a convenient power switching tool that can be controlled by scripts such as TcL, Perl, or Linux Shell, the VMR-HD also can also meter and log power consumption at each of its outlets, providing test administrators with an accurate record of current, voltage and power consumption trends detected during the test procedure.

The VMR-HD supports a wide variety of different control scripts, allowing compatibility with most existing power regression testing applications. If desired, the VMR-HD can also monitor environmental factors and significant events in the test setting and automatically notify test administrators via SNMP trap when high temperatures, excessive current consumption, unanswered pings, power supply irregularities and other noteworthy incidents are detected.

A wide range of VMR-HD4D Series switched PDU models are available to fit data centers, test labs and other applications that require intelligent power management of high amperage devices:

  • Dual 16, 20, 30 or 32 Amperage Inputs
  • Compact 1U (4) Outlets or 2U (12) Outlets
  • 120V or 240V AC Operation

For 50 years, WTI has been a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of IP Enabled Smart PDUs, Console Servers and Out-of-Band Management solutions. WTI products are designed and manufactured in Irvine, California with partner locations in over 20 countries worldwide.