WTI Adopts Keller Peak and Butler Peak Fire Lookouts

Irvine, CA, Nov 7, 2012 –Butler Peak Fire Lookout WTI has renewed its donation to the Keller Peak Lookout and has also adopted Butler Peak Lookout through the National Forest Association’s Adopt-A-Lookout Program. The WTI donation supports the Association’s Fire Lookout Host program, and helps keep seven historic fire towers across the San Bernardino National Forest staffed and in good repair to continue to spot fires and educate visitors.

The donation, provided by the President of WTI, will allow for annual maintenance and repairs to the towers, keeping them safe and open to the public. This year, WTI's President brought his Boy Scout troop up to help clear brush on the hiking trail to Butler Peak lookout.

“Giving back to such a valuable program helps ensure this opportunity exists for kids in the future,” WTI's President said. He also stated that he can see the improvements and changes to Keller Peak lookout over the last few years since WTI joined the Adopt-A-Lookout program.

Fire Lookout volunteers help to protect the forest resource and local mountain communities, as well as urban communities, along the forest boundary from the threat of fire. This year, lookout volunteers logged more than 15,000 hours, educated over 13,000 visitors, called in 61 smoke reports, and 650 lightning strikes inside the forest boundary.

To learn more about the Adopt-A-Lookout Program and other donation opportunities visit nationalforestassociation.org or call Program Coordinator George Morey at 909-225-1025.

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