WTI Provides Out-of-Band Management Solution Keeping Retailers Connected During the Holiday Shopping Season

Irvine,CA, 12/21/11 – WTI (www.wti.com),a leading designer and manufacturer of secure console server and power management solutions, is pleased to announce the release and installation of their new RSM-8R8 Console/Reboot/ATS Hybrid device to select worldwide retailers for in-band/out-of-band branch office network management during the busy holiday shopping season.

Network problems during the holidays are more than just a minor inconvenience; they’re a matter of lost revenue and lower profits.  If network problems prevent credit card readers from processing transactions or sales personnel can’t resolve customer account issues due to crashed servers or routers, many shoppers simply head to the store down the street to do their holiday shopping.

Although this has long been a potential pit-fall for retailers, it’s now a pitfall that can be easily avoided … providing that the retailer has remote, out of band access to console ports and power outlets at point of sale and branch office locations.

WTI Responds to Customer Needs

Large retail organizations are faced with the difficult task of managing countless routers, switches and other devices scattered across worldwide networks of stores and data centers.  In order to meet the needs of their immense customer base, ensure constant access to order processing capabilities and reduce operating costs, retailers require 100% network uptime, remote network management and reduced reliance on service calls and truck rolls when dealing with problems at remote network equipment sites.  Specifically, retailers look for a solution that can supply the following to their branch office equipment:

  • Secure In-Band/Out-of-Band Console Port Access
  • Secure In-Band/Out-of-Band Power Reboot Capabilities
  • Built-In Redundant ATS Power Fallback Switching
  • Centralized Management of all WTI Devices
  • A Single Compact 1U Design

WTI has developed the RSM-8R8 series as a solution to meet these and other needs and allow users to reap the following benefits:

  • Remote Management, Monitoring, and Reboot Control of a Global Network of Switches, Routers and Firewalls … Even When the Network is Down
  • Reduced or Eliminated Loss of Revenue due to Network Downtime, After-Hours IT Service Calls and Truck-roll Dispatch
  • Lower Overall Operating Costs and Increased ROI
  • Three Convenient Tools in a Compact 1U Package

WTI’s RSM-8R8 Power + Console + ATS Hybrids combine three essential tools for remote network management: remote reboot and power switching, remote access to console port command functions, plus automatic power fallback.  These three capabilities are combined in a single 1U device to provide retailers with an instant solution when network issues disable cash registers, credit card scanners, information kiosks and other point of sale services. Rather than waiting for the IT staff (providing they’re not already on Christmas vacation) to head off on a road trip to a distant network equipment cabinet, network problems can be dealt with immediately, using a WTI RSM-8R8Power/Console/ATS Hybrid.

About WTI

WTI is a leading designer and manufacturer of remote console server and switched power solutions for computer data centers, remote network equipment sites and other out-of-band management applications.  WTI has been manufacturing products in Irvine CA for over 45 years, providing network administrators with secure, reliable tools that help to keep critical networks throughout the world up and running 24/7/365.

For More Information:

Visit www.wti.com to purchase online or call (949) 421-4199 for technical questions.