Out of Band Management Goes 3D?

Out of Band Management Goes 3D?

Do your eyes deceive you? Could it be that WTI’s new RSM-8R8 out-of-band hybrid, switch/router/firewall management products have actually gone 3D? Well, yes they have, but you don’t need a pair of special eyeglasses to appreciate this kind of 3D, and the new RSM-8R8 won’t give you a headache after you stare at it for a couple of hours either. In this case, “3D” refers to three vital out of band management tools, never before combined in a single console/power switch:

  • Device Console Access
  • Device Reboot
  • Dual Power Redundancy

For the first time, these three convenient functions have been incorporated in a compact, one rack-unit out-of-band hybrid. The new RSM-8R8 provides network administrators with console port access and power reboot capabilities that one expects from an out-of-band hybrid, while also adding a unique dual power inlet configuration that allows the RSM-8R8 to provide power fallback/redundancy for connected single inlet AC Power devices. The RSM-8R8 is the first out-of-band hybrid unit that also includes the ability to automatically switch your mission critical network elements to a secondary power source in the event that the main power source fails.

Joseph Brodski, WTI Sales Manager, describes the RSM-8R8 as an ideal new solution for applications that require remote power control, console port access and power fallback capabilities yet lack sufficient rack space for all three devices. The RSM-8R8 effectively fits a console switch, a remote reboot switch and an automatic transfer switch into one convenient, 1U package that can be easily incorporated in small, remote network installations and branch offices.

Device Console Access - Console Switch Capabilities for Out of Band Management

  • Eight RS232 RJ45 serial Ports
  • Secure Out of Band Communication

The RSM-8R8’s console switch capabilities allow network administrators to establish in-band or out-of-band connections with console ports on servers, routers, firewalls and other devices, providing quick, secure access to console port command functions. IT engineers can connect to console ports on remote devices and invoke diagnostic or troubleshooting commands, even when normal in-band communication is not feasible.

Device Reboot – Cisco Energywise Compatible Remote Power Reboot Switch

  • Eight Switched Outlets
  • Power Network Devices Off/On or Initiate a Reboot Cycle at a Remote Site

The RSM-8R8’s remote reboot capabilities allow system administrators to control power switching and reboot functions at remote network equipment racks without even leaving their desk. The RSM-8R8 is included in the Cisco Borderless Networks Portfolio with Cisco EnergyWise compatibility, and includes an impressive array of alarm features which can automatically switch outlets Off, On or reboot when rack temperature rises, when devices fail to respond to ping commands or when other critical conditions are detected.

Dual Power Inlets - Automatic Power Supply Fallback / Redundancy

  • 8 Milliseconds Power Switch Time (<1 Cycle)
  • Continuous Source Monitoring

The RSM-8R8 goes a step further than other out-of-band hybrid units by including two independent power inlets and sensing circuitry that continually monitors the power source. When power to the primary power input is lost or interrupted, the RSM-8R8 immediately begins drawing power from the secondary input, in less than one cycle or an average of 8 milliseconds. This allows the RSM-8R8 to provide power supply fallback/redundancy capabilities for up to eight connected single inlet devices.