WTI Donates to Orange County Rescue Mission

This year, as a part of our annual company Thanksgiving celebration, WTI employees participated in a Can Castle Food Drive to benefit the Orange County Rescue Mission.

The Orange County Rescue Mission is a local non-profit organization that provides food and housing to the less fortunate here in Orange County. In addition to providing meals for the disadvantaged, the Orange County Rescue Mission also sponsors a network of temporary housing accommodations, rehabilitation facilities, and health clinics. Unlike some larger, nationwide charitable organizations, the vast majority of the money and food that is donated to the OC Rescue Mission goes directly to the needy, with comparatively little spent on administrative costs or overhead.

About two weeks prior to Thanksgiving, WTI employees were split into two teams, competing to see which team could donate the most food and then build the most creative "can castle" from the donated goods. Collection bins were placed in the WTI lobby, and as Thanksgiving approached, we all took pleasure in watching the piles of donated food grow, and seeing one team or the other temporarily gain the lead.

When the day for our company Thanksgiving celebration finally arrived, we anxiously weighed the two piles of food, hoping to see which team had won, and we were astonished to see that our food drive competition had resulted in a tie! Both teams had donated about 1000 pounds of food each.

But the food drive was not over; after we weighed out each team's contributions, there was still the Can Castle building contest, in which the two teams would compete to see which could build the most creative structure from the donated food goods. For thirty minutes, team members were wracking their brains, either trying to figure out how to realize previously made plans for their can castle, or improvising a new plan that would make better use out of the donated items. After the thirty minute "castle building" time period had elapsed, two volunteer, outside judges were brought in to decide which can castle had won.

In the end, it was a very close contest, resulting in two extremely creative can castles. We won't say which team won here though, because after all, the most important result of the can castle contest was the fact that there would be many needy Orange County families who would have food on their plates during the holidays when otherwise they might have had less or even none.