NEW! WTI Releases 3-in-One Hybrid Out of Band Management Product

Irvine, CA, 10/05/2010 – WTI is proud to announce the release of our new RSM-8R8 series hybrid products, which incorporate console switch, remote reboot and automatic transfer switch capabilities in a single 1U device.

Joseph Brodski, WTI Sales Manager, describes the RSM-8R8 as an ideal solution for applications that require remote power control, console port access and power fallback capabilities yet lack sufficient rack space for all three devices. The RSM-8R8 effectively fits a console switch, a remote reboot switch and an automatic transfer switch into one convenient, 1U package that can be easily incorporated in small, remote network installations.

Console Switch Capabilities for Out of Band Management

  • Eight RS232 RJ45 serial Ports
  • Secure Out of Band Communication

The RSM-8R8’s console switch capabilities allow network administrators to establish in-band or out-of-band connections with console ports on servers, routers, firewalls and other devices, providing quick, secure access to command functions. IT engineers can connect to remote devices via network, internal modem or local port and invoke diagnostic or troubleshooting commands.

Remote Reboot Switch for Power Control Capabilities

  • Eight Switched 120 or 240 VAC Outlets
  • Power Network Devices Off/On or Initiate a Reboot Cycle at a Remote Site

The RSM-8R8’s remote reboot capabilities allow system administrators to control power switching and reboot functions at remote devices without even leaving their desk. The RSM-8R8 also includes an impressive array of alarm features which can automatically switch outlets Off, On or reboot when rack temperature rises, when devices fail to respond to ping commands or when other conditions are detected.

Dual Power Inlets and Automatic Power Fallback for Power Supply Redundancy

  • 8 Milliseconds Power Switch Time (<1 Cycle)
  • Continuous Source Monitoring

The RSM-8R8 includes two independent power inlets and sensing circuitry that continually monitors the power source. When power to the primary power input is lost or interrupted, the RSM-8R8 immediately begins drawing power from the secondary input, in less than once cycle or an average of 8 milliseconds.